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daggers & art knives

Oosik dagger: carved Oosik, with stainless fittings, W2 blade w/hamon, hand carved fuller

Sith dagger: carved Micarta, with bronze/stainless fittings, W2 blade w/hamon and blood etch

Kaiju tanto: carved Stellars Sea Cow, with copper/steel fittings, W2 blade w/hamon

tanto; japanese tanto; stellars sea cow bone; copper; habaki; handmade knife; custom knives; custom knife; w2 tool steel; hamon; tsuka-maki

The Black Queen: Quillon dagger w/bronze, ebony, 1095 high carbon

handmade dagger; dagger guard; quillon dagger; dagger; custom knives; custom knife; knife; knifemaker; quillon dagger; ebony; carved handle; sculpted ebony; carved ebony; bronze; bronze fittings; blued steel; 1095
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