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Below are the fixed blade hunting, every day carry (EDC), and utility knives I offer; they range in size from 6" oal to 9.5" oal, and are designed to fill any role you may have for a sturdy fine working tool, or simply as a collectors piece.  I offer my knives in either RWL34 stainless, or W2 high carbon with a hamon.  If RWL34 is not available I will use CPM154/154CM/ATS34 as a backup.

Unless otherwise specified prices are between $650 - $1500 depending on steel choice/finish, and handle material.  Mirror polishes, hamon, and high-end handle material such as Desert Ironwood fall in the higher end of the price range.  All of my knives include a hand-stitched and wet formed leather sheath.


folding knives

As of right now I will be taking limited orders on folding knives and only for specific models.  I will primarily be offering titanium framelock folders, art folders, and liner locks for the foreseeable future.  The primary steels I will offer are W2 high carbon, or RWL34/CPM154 stainless depending on availability and preference.  All of my folding knives ship with a padded, monogrammed, collectors pouch.

Base prices are $1200 and up, unless otherwise listed, or priced individually as I complete each piece.


Kitchen Cutlery

I'm excited to announce that this year I'll be adding several kitchen knives to my catalog!  I will be working toward refining my designs to fit all the major categories of expected kitchen knives, and I am currently taking orders for Chef knives (7-10" blades), Pug Chef's (4.5" blades), Nakiri, Pairing knives, and Small Chef's (6-7" blades)

Kitchen Knives
Sgian Dubh

Sgian dubh

The Sgian Dubh (skee-en-DOO') is a traditional Scottish small knife, or 'Black Knife' (dark handle material being most common), worn either tucked into an upper garment or in the kilt hose when among friends.  It was the perfect knife for concealed daily carry and useful in a wide variety of camp and utility chores, and self defense(theoretically).  While historical examples vary widely depending on the region and the bladesmith, I've taken the liberty to design my own take on this historical icon.

I offer all of my Sgian dubh in RWL34 (primarily), or W2, with either stainless steel or bronze guard, and choice of hardwood (depending on availability); African Blackwood, cocobolo, ironwood, or curly koa.

The handle carvings are varied and I take the liberty to interpret the design as I see fit, depending on the handle material, to ensure that each and every Sgian Dubh I create will be individual and unique.

Base price: $600 and up.

All of my Sgian Dubh come with a hand-stitched leather sheath of your choice: sock-slip, full pocket sheath, horizontal carry pouch sheath, or vertical carry pouch sheath.

*** Members of the NH Scots Pipe and Drum please contact me for special pricing! ***

bowies & fighters

Bowies and fighters are priced individually and range from $1000 and up, depending on steel, handle material, and fittings.  I will gladly recreate any of the following knives, or something similar with the exception of the handle carvings: I approach each handle carving as an individual identity specific to the blade.

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