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The Shinobi is a simple, rugged, lightweight everyday carry tanto: a reimagined take on a historically styled blade, much like the Kogatana or Tanto carried in ancient Japan.


Shinobi, or shadow warriors, aka 'Ninja,' were adept at striking from concealed places and remaining obscure and unseen as they moved about the world.


This knife represents my take on what may be considered a small fighter, or EDC blade for self defense or general utility use.  It features a full, tapered tang, stainless guard, simple utility finish, and a leather sheath.  Overall it is lightweight, concealable, and rugged enough for any tasks a discreet carry knife may be asked to undertake.



Steel – RWL34 stainless
Finish – satin
Length – 9” OAL
Blade – 4.25”

Guard - stainless, peened
Handle Material – natural canvas(pumpkin spice) Micarta
Sheath – hand-stitched leather

Hardness - 61Rc

Shinobi - RWL34 stainless

SKU: ShinPumpkinSpice
  • I offer a lifetime warranty to replace or repair any of my handmade knives that fail to perform it's intended task due to flaws in materials or craftsmanship. Normal cosmetic blemishes acquired while using the knife are not covered for a full replacement, but I will make a reasonable attempt to 'revive' well-used knives I've created, for a fee, on customer request (shipping fees payed by customer). I do not under any circumstances warranty knives that have been willfully neglected or abused, or which have been destroyed being used in a manner not intended for the knives purpose or design.

    Special Exceptions: Military members using one of my knives in an active combat situation or while deployed to an official combat theater will receive a complete replacement/refund should the knife fail in any way, or become destroyed under normal use.


    *** International Customers are 100% solely responsible for Import Tax/Duty restrictions.  International sales are FINAL ***

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